Brand and branding definition – why they are important but different


We help people understand and define what their ‘brand’ stands for, who it most appeals to and on what basis that appeal represents something different and better.

But, what do we mean by brand? Many people confuse the terms brand and branding, so to clarify think fish and fishing. The brand is the entity, the fish. Branding is the process by which the brand is delivered, so it’s the fishing.

Another way of looking at it is that brand is the body and soul of a company or a product and branding is the way it is dressed.

For us the best definition of a brand is ‘A Promise Delivered”. That’s because it infers a relationship between the brand and the user. The brand promises to delver a value or a performance or a feeling; could be taste, could be comfort, could be status, and the consumer buys it for that reason. If it doesn’t deliver, then it won’t be bought again and the consumer may well tell their friends not to buy as well. Not good.

Put simply, we understand these issues and so can help solve marketing and brand problems, create business opportunities and deliver communications and branding solutions.

As our case studies illustrate, this includes research, brand and marketing strategy, the development of new or re-energised brands, identities, marketing schemes and effective design solutions.

Whatever the solution, our aim is to not only answer the brief but go beyond to create long-term competitive advantage. In other words, add value.

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