An original brand identity

Client: BTV Trucks and Vehicles Ltd

BTVBTV trucks and Vehicles Ltd is a consortium of investors who have reinvented the great British truck for overseas markets, where rugged conditions and limited maintenance facilities pose significant issues.

Harvey Brand Strategy were asked to develop a new brand device that would be the principal brand identifier and centre-piece for the brand story.

Our research provided valuable insight into the history and heritage of British truck engineering and the international reputation that it had earned. This inspired the strategy that focussed on the values and attributes of British engineering.

The stylised lion device captured the heritage and spirit of these bygone British truck brands and their fit-for-purpose design, robust manufacture and performance.

“We were impressed by the thoroughness of Harvey Brand Strategy’s research and strategic approach and we were delighted with the design concept, which has received very favourable comment from investors and other key international stakeholders.”

Nicholas Philps, CEO BTV Ltd.

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